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Mission Statement: DEFENSE STANDARD Media Group’s core focus is the warfighter. We are committed to the discovery and thorough examination of products, technologies and services critical to the success of the warfighter’s mission and to the warfighter’s transition to civilian life. We are DEFENSE STANDARD Media Group!

About us

From our inception in 2006, DEFENSE STANDARD has strived and succeeded in creating a world-class publication that shines brightly as the industry standard. Insightful, thought-provoking and stellar are the adjectives our clients have used to describe our work. DEFENSE STANDARD has retained the finest journalists in the national defense arena over the years including Julie Bird, Tom Breen, Rich Tuttle, James Kitfield, John Gresham and many, many others. In addition to producing its Special Operations Superbook and its Military Education and Resource Guide for transitioning service members, DEFENSE STANDARD was also the official publisher for the USS Michael Murphy DDG-112 Commissioning publication. Our experts, like retired Navy SEAL Commander and hostage rescue expert, Dan O'Shea, have made numerous appearances on national media outlets like Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. DEFENSE STANDARD is the standard bearer in both print and digital media the world over.

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